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Pat McGrath Labs
Pat McGrath Labs isn’t vegan OR cruelty-free.
last updated: 2019

Pat McGrath Labs isn’t vegan OR cruelty-free because animal testing has taken place on the brand's product(s) or product ingredients.

The brand falls into one or more of the following categories:

  • carries out animal testing themselves
  • has animal testing carried out through a third-party
  • has products (or has submitted products) for sale in a country (e.g. mainland China) where animal testing is required by law to be carried out before the products can be sold in that location
  • hasn’t or doesn’t verify with their suppliers whether ingredients or raw materials have been tested on animals

While reading brand’s animal testing policy, please watch out for:

  • If China is mentioned as somewhere the brand sells their products. All brands selling physical products in mainland China have had animal testing carried out on their products – the country’s laws require that all beauty products sold there have to undergo animal testing by China’s safety and regulatory body before they can be sold in stores. Therefore, any brands selling in mainland China are NOT cruelty-free.
  • The wording in their ‘no animal testing’ policies. Brands that test on animals often say they themselves do not carry out animal testing. This is phrased carefully, to try and sidestep that by submitting their products to be sold in places like China, they are funding and enabling third parties (like China's regulatory body) to carry out animal testing on their products to enable them to sell in these locations.
  • If a brand says their PRODUCTS aren’t tested on animals. Some brands use “cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals” claims to refer only to their finished products. They often word their “cruelty-free” policies around their products not being tested on animals, omitting any mention of the product’s raw ingredients. These brands still rely on ingredient suppliers to perform animal testing to make sure their products are safe.

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