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Antonym Vegan Product List


I’ve had a few requests through for a vegan product list for Antonym. The brand is certified natural and organic, with all products being gentle on the skin.

Founded in 2010 by Miami makeup artist Valerie (Val) Giraud, she sought to create the best organic makeup and makeup brushes. According to Val, all natural makeup doesn’t have to mean a natural look.

Is Antonym cruelty-free and vegan?

The good news is that all Antonym products are cruelty-free. In addition to this, all Antonym brushes are certified vegan, and most Antonym makeup is vegan too. The only non-vegan ingredient they use is organic beeswax in their lipsticks.

Antonym products to avoid

As mentioned above, the following products contain beeswax, so should be avoided:

  • Certified Natural Lipstick Pencil Koral
  • Certified Natural Lipstick Pencil Naturelle
  • Certified Natural Lipstick Pencil Pinkish

Antonym Vegan & Cruelty-Free Product List

The following products are all vegan & cruelty-free:

Stockists / Where to buy

Antonym products can be bought at the following retailers:


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