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I Finally Found the Perfect Vegan Leave-In Conditioner Spray


Before making the transition to vegan & cruelty-free, I was obsessed with Aussie’s Miracle Recharge Moisture Infuser Leave-in Conditioner. It left my hair feeling soft and shiny, and tamed the ‘triangle’ look my hair often gets when the ends go frizzy. But the main reason I loved it was because it was a spray.

My hair and makeup routines are pretty minimal, i.e. I’m always running late – they have to be quick and simple. So having a quick leave in conditioner I could spray in and leave to do it’s magic, without getting my hands greasy or having to massage the product into my hair (saving those precious seconds in the morning!) was perfect for me. Then when I went vegan early last year I started to realise I needed to find a replacement. My hair type is wavy, and my hair is quite thin but there’s a lot of it, so it gives the appearance of being thick.

I found a few different leave-in in conditioners that were a cream-like consistency but was still searching for a spray version. Then I came across the Green Keratin COCO-BIO™ Leave in Hair Conditioner on Amazon.

Vegan-friendly (no animal-derived ingredients), cruelty-free, no artificial silicones, and 94% organic, and at only £9.95 (because let’s be honest, some vegan haircare products are VERY expensive) I thought it was worth a try.

I’m not going to lie; when it arrived, I thought the bottle was quite small. But you actually don’t need to use that much of it to get the benefits – on my past-shoulder-length hair, I use 3-4 sprays. I applied it after washing my hair, but before drying it – the bottle says to spray all over damp hair and then comb through.


I then used my GHD Air hair dryer as usual and used a paddle brush to dry my hair straight. I was super impressed! Compared to the week before (when I hadn’t been using any leave-in conditioner) the spray left my hair silky and soft – possibly even more so than my old Aussie favourite! It also didn’t make my hair feel heavy or weighed-down, which was definitely a plus, as some formulas can make my hair feel a bit lack-luster with the weight. My hair also smelt incredible, the spray itself smells incredible, very coconut-y and sweet, and this translated well into my hair.


I’ve been using the spray for about a month now, and I can definitely say it’s helped with the frizziness I used to get, and I love how natural it feels. If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly replacement for the Aussie Leave-in Conditioner, or even just need a new vegan& cruelty-free leave-in conditioner, I’d definitely recommend this!

Green Keratin Coco-Bio Leave-in Hair Conditioner 100 ml, £9.95, Amazon UK